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I will be at Wiscon this year! I have been at Wiscon every year since 2005, so this is perhaps not surprising news, but still, I am going, and I am super excited. I am extra-excited because Matt Williamson of Unstuck will be there too, so I get to introduce him to one of my favorite genre havens.

I am doing three things!

1. Reading with Malinda Lo, Katherine Beutner, and my lady Jen Volant at 4:15 on Saturday at Michaelangelo’s.  Malinda will be reading from her new novel, Adaptation, and we’ll be reading work which also relates to that theme. I’m planning on reading from my novel-in-progress.

2. Throwing a dance party! Genderfloomp is happening again after last year’s wild success. Same time, same place: Sunday starting at 10PM in Assembly 1. Andrea Hairston is going to guest DJ! So is Charlie Jane Anders! And I am compiling the floompiest playlist as we speak.

3. Going out to fancy dinner with my girlfriend to celebrate our THREE YEAR anniversary.

Otherwise, I will be in the bar.

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