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I swam laps at Barton Springs today, and I could not deal with the eldrich water plants. I never liked feeling them brush up against my skin, but I was deeply alarmed by what I saw under the water with my googles on. Lots of waving green things and spiky red things and slimy algae and even a fish. Even more frightening was when I couldn’t see the bottom at all. Who knew what was lurking down there, ready to… what, exactly? What on earth am I afraid of? That the plants will touch me? It’s gross when the plants touch me, but nothing bad actually happens. Am I concerned they will suck me down to the bottom and strangle me with their tendrils? I seriously got so freaked out when they got too close that I stopped swimming. I’ve decided I need to get over this fear. Triathalons happen in rivers, you know? Not that I’m remotely considering doing a triathalon. But these plants have thrown down a terrible, slimy gauntlet. I can’t just ignore that shit.

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